Sunday, 18 August 2013

How To Make money Easily with

Sunday, 18 August 2013
PPD (Pat per download) is quite a lucrative and a rather easy way of making money online as long as you choose the right PPD network, and have incorporated the right money making method to profit from people downloading files. 

Unlike other upload websites that pay you insanely low prices, such as $10 for 1000 US downloads, pays an average of 60 cents per download. Thats an average of $600 for 1000 downloads - sixty times more than any other upload cash website! The best part is that 60 cents is just an average: some downloads will pay 80 cents, some $1, some even $10, and they support downloads from nearly all countries! In fact, it's very normal for some users to average 80 cents to a dollar per download. We guarantee you will earn more with us than any other paid-to-upload website.

Here are some assorted features:
* Highest download rates around. For larger countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, you'll receive an average of 60 cents per download. You will earn the most with us, guaranteed, not only because of our high rates, but because our downloads are easiest to unlock, therefore making you the most money.
* Easy surveys. Even more important than our high rates is the fact that our surveys are easier to unlock than any other PPD website's, which means more people can download and you earn more money!
* We are the pioneers of the high paying upload site concept. Therefore you can be sure you are with the most sophisticated and professional PPD site around!

* Unmatched System - Our system is elegantly coded to incorporate all the features you need, while at the same time making it as easy as possible for you to earn money!

* Premium Memberships - downloaders can buy a premium membership with us. If they buy one after visiting your file, you get 30% of the price!
* Simple sign up - Start earning in less than 30 seconds!
* Affiliate messaging system - you can now talk to and train your affiliate army to make you even more cash!
* Low cashout limit - get your money after earning only $10 !
* Accepts any file type!
* Super secure - your details, files, and earnings are safe with us!
* International downloads - get paid for any country!
* Flexible, on time payments!
* Easy-to-use folder-based uploads manager!
* Friendly, 24/7 Online Community on our Forum, Live Chat, TeamSpeak, and Ventrillo!
* High-tech FTP, Direct, and Remote Uploader!
* Payouts are constantly on the rise
* We have a dedicated team of administrators and programmers who constantly release new features and optimizations!


Identify a good Niche

The method we are going to look at here is promoting your PPD files through a one page Blogger blog, targeting easy to rank for software tools that people are desperate to get hold of for free or in this case just by filling out an offer through our PPD network. Example: A facebook game.

In this example we are going to target a Farmville 2 bot that offers infinite coins,cash and items. First of all you would check Google to find out if a bot already exists because they may have some useful text and images on their website, that you can use on your own blogger blog to promote your PPD file.

Next you use the Google Keyword Tool to try and find the most popular keywords used to search for said ‘Farmville 2 Bot’. Once you have a good list of keywords to target you will create a Blogger blog and name the blog as one of the popular keywords, making sure to use the same keyword in the blog url.

Once you have chosen and uploaded the bot file to your PPD network you will need to copy and paste the url, that leads to the special webpage provided by the PPD network that requires your visitors to fill out an offer to download your file.
You should then add a nice download button graphic below the text which can be found using Google images, and make sure the button leads to the special page URL on the PPD network when clicked by a visitor.

A very important step is to promote your blog using bookmarking, web 2.0′s, scrapebox blasts and any other promotional strategies you can use to get your blog indexed and ranking in the search engines. Cheap services can be found in the popular FIVERR.
You could also use meta tags in your blog for better search engine ranking. You can learn how to do this from my article: How to use meta tags for better SEO

The limit to what you can do to earn money with PPD file downloads is only your imagination. You could easily earn $10- $100 everyday depending on the quality and uniqueness of your niche.


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