Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WHAT YOU CAN DO IN FIVERR TO GET MORE ORDERS. is a site where you can buy or sell services worth $5. You can find some amazing deals over there. People are selling awesome graphics, banners, logos, SEO services and more for an awesome price of $5.
    When I first heard of Fiverr, I thought I wouldn't be able to make money of it. But now when I see orders coming in, I feel it can be a platform you can use to make a nice income online provided you invest some time on your task.
For example, a person who isn't that great with Photoshop will look forward to outsourcing that job to experts. On Fiverr, there are people who are offering to help you out with creating stunning logos, banners, headers for a nominal price of $5. This is great news for buyers but how about sellers? Will they be able to make some money using
    If you are new to fiverr then there is a important thing to do. It helps to increase your earnings. Send a message to fiverr customer support saying you are new to fiverr and you hope to give service on fiverr.

Gig description
When filling that form,  make sure you write important things to fully describe what you have to offer in your gig. Its important to mention you experience in that field. Talk about your delivery time because that is something customers pay attention to. If you have any gig extras, write about them in detail in the Gig description. Don't forget to tell something about fiverr in the description in on your gig. It may be "only from fiverr/exclusive from Fiverr" like that.

Start a Gig in which you are an expert.
Its important to have expertise in the Gig you are offering. This ensures you have have ability to deliver fine details of the customer requirements and acummulate alot of positive reviews for the Gigs you complete. More positive reviews increase your rating and visibility in the Gig category.

Finish your gigs on time.
Repeat customers are very very important! This is why you should create a great first impression. I have got a list of repeat customers who love my work and are coming back for more. Finishing your Gigs within the time frame agreed upon earns you a good reputation. Customers keep coming back.  Thats another reason you should choose Gigs you are good at.
Responding to any customer queries ASAP
You have to make your customer feel important no matter how much the price of your service is. Do not provide crappy customer service because you think you need not work too hard for a service so cheap.By creating a strong client list on Fiverr, you can get customers who will be willing to pay you more once you move out of Fiverr to create a bigger business.

Use a catchy gig picture
think about the importance of the gig photo for your fiverr sales. An attractive Gig picture will catch the customer's attention as he browses through Gigs in a particular category.

NB: This could interst you! I stumbled upon a report of how some people have been making money on Fiverr without actually providing the services.  It seems like a scam to me but it works for some people. You can actually Reap HUGE PROFITS using this method.

Download the report HERE.


  1. I am selling service on fiverr. but my gigs are not increasing impression. I don't know what the problems. Please take a look of my profile and gigs and tell me what is the problems

    Data Entry Operator
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    Thank You.

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