Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How To Get Banned from Google AdSense

Wednesday, 29 May 2013
Once you get banned from Google AdSense, it is very difficult to get reinstated.Its therefore very important to be careful not to break any of the rules stated in the Google AdSense Terms of Service. Ignoring their warnings will likely lead to banning as well. All poblems brought to your attention by the Google team should be fixed as soon as possible.
Here are some common mistakes that result in banning from Google AdSense.

Generating suspicious clicks.
Suspicious clicks are typically generated by non-human visitors to your pages. Clicking on your own ads is also categorized in 'suspicious clicks'.
It is against Google AdSense TOS to click on your own AdSense advertisements or to get others to click on your advertisements.
Sometimes, you may also be sabotaged. A third party may decide to do a series of illegal clicks on your advertisements for the purpose of getting you banned. If you notice any suspicious clicks of this nature, Google encourages you to report it to them.

Some people prefer to stay under Google's notice and to just temporarily remove Google AdSense advertisements from the locations where there is suspicious activity for a while untill the saboteurs find better things to do with their time.
The Google Adsense forum has several posts including Q and A sessions where you can learn alot from other publishers' experiences. Here are some links:
how to deal with click-bombing.
invalid click activity
Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center.

Getting multiple Google AdSense accounts.
Currently, Google only allows one Google AdSense account per person or entity(e.g. company or organization).  Trying to trick Google into giving you multiple AdSense accounts can get all of your accounts banned.

Showing pornographic material or linking to pornographic sites.
Google AdSense does not allow advertisements to be placed with certain types of content including adult, violent, and racist content. Content relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and gambling are also not allowed. For a full list of unacceptable content topics, refer to the Google AdSense Program Policies. Some sites that support pornographic or other unacceptable content may point to your online site or articles. There is nothing you can do about that, so you will not be penalized for incoming links, just for outgoing ones. Be careful not to show pornographic material, use pornographic related text, or link to any pornographic sites.

Generating fake traffic.
 Fake web traffic is anything that generates false impressions on your Google AdSense advertisements.
  • Participating in link farms or link exchange directories
  • Participating in rank exchange or rank purchasing activities. 
  • Using doorways, page cloaking and other similar techniques to get higher search engine rankings and to misdirect your visitors. 

Modifying the look and feel of Google AdSense advertisements.
 You are not allowed to alter their advertisements in any way. You are not allowed to put competing advertisements that have the same look and feel in the vicinity. You are not allowed to place images close to your Google AdSense advertisements in an effort to draw your visitor's attention to the advertisements and increase your click through rate.


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