Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to Build Backlinks the Natural Way

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How to build backlinks the natural waySEO is like a game, one mistake can get you out of the track. One low quality backlink is enough to hurt your site’s rank and bring down your site in rankings.  It is therefore out of question that quality backlinks are crucial to SEO success. The main reason for losing ranking after Google penguin update is low quality backlinks. 
Google does not need spam links, they need only quality, relevant backlinks. The natural backlinks are what Google is actually looking for. You cannot always rely on the fact that your content is good and people will link to you. If your content is good and relevant, you can get alot of quality backlinks especially if the anchor text contains you keywords. You still need to resort to other ways of acquiring quality backlinks as described next.

  • Give your link to your friends who are maintaining a blog. Especially those friends maintaining high page rank blogs. Ask them to link back to you.
  • Connect with the bloggers who are writing blogs same as your niche and try to make links on them blog's homepage.
  • Try to get links from their blog posts.
  • Keep your content as rich as possible. Rich content will tempt other bloggers to link back to your page.
  • Write articles for article directories and attach a link to them.
  • Submit your blog on syndicaters and RSS directories.
  • Guest Posting is one of the most effective way to build back-links. Select blogs with guest posting facility and with high traffic which you can write articles for them. Write articles for them as Guest post and attach your 2 or 3 links.
  • Submit your blog in web directories having high/unique traffic  and high rankings. Find 100 free web directories here
  • Bookmark your blog in the social bookmarking sites like Stumbelupon, Deliciuos, Digg.
  • Pin your pictures in Pinterest and give them to description and your link.
  • Tell your friends to vote for your links which you've added in the social bookmarking sites. 
  • Answer on answering sites like Yahoo Answers. Choose the question which are in your niche. Put your link in the Resource Box.
  • Try to make a wikipedia page for your blog/site. 
  • When you are using forums link back your signature to your blog.
  • Attach your link to your sites, accounts like facebook ,twitter.
  • Make professional comments on blogs related to your niche and link back to your blog.
  • Try to make contests on your blog. Your blog might get more shares and become viral.
  • If you have knowledge of Java HTML make online tools and link back to your site/blog.
  • If you can create WP/Blogger themes/templates, then create a quality templates attach your link on the footer.
  • Make ad-dons for Chrome and Firefox and link back to your blog.
  • Write articles having more than 2000 words with rich content.
  • If you are writing tutorials,then write to the end.(A to Z)
  • Write a eBooks and give it totally free and link back to your site.
  • Make presentations and submit them sites like slideshare and link back to your site.
  • Make plugins for WordPress and link back to your site.
  • Make blogger/wordpress widgets as your link show on them.
  • Make comments on YouTube videos related to your niche and link back to your blog.
  • Create videos under your niche and publish them on YouTube and put your link in the description.Today most blog owners are using YouTube to increase their site traffic.
  • Active your RSS link. Sometimes spammers will take your link and automate their blog.Then you will receive back-links.


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