Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Wednesday, 8 May 2013
    Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

      Google uses its Internet search technology to serve advertisements based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors. Those wanting to advertise with Google's targeted advertisement system may enroll through Google AdWords.
AdSense has become a popular company in creating and placing banner advertisements on a website, because the advertisements are less intrusive than most banners, and the content of the advertisements is often relevant to the website.

Google launched its AdSense program in March 2003 and made it public in June of that year. Google has launched different kinds of Ads for publishers to serve on their websites and blogs.

AdSense for Content
The content-based adverts can be targeted for interest or context. The targeting can be CPC (click) or CPM (impression) based. There's no significant difference between CPC and CPM earnings, however CPC ads are more common. There are various ad sizes for available for content ads. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash, video, or rich media ads. At most ad sizes, users can change whether to show both text and multimedia ads or just one of them. As of November 2012, a grey arrow appears beneath AdSense text ads for easier identification.

AdSense for Feeds
AdSense for Feeds works by inserting images into a feed. When the image is displayed by a RSS reader or Web browser, Google writes the advertising content into the image that it returns. The advertisement content is chosen based on the content of the feed surrounding the image. When the user clicks the image, he or she is redirected to the advertiser's website in the same way as regular AdSense advertisements.

AdSense for video
AdSense for video allows publishers with video content to generate revenue using ad placements from Google's extensive Advertising network including popular YouTube videos.
 Adsense for search, Adsense for mobile content  and Adsense for Domains are some of the other ad services google is offering to publishers.


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