Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Top 10 Windows 8 Apps 


 When Windows 8 came out, a lot of great apps also landed. However, most of you say you don't run full-screen apps in Windows 8 , and go right to the desktop instead. Well, love it or hate it, Windows 8 and its "modern UI" is here to stay (at least until Microsoft brings back the start button), and since ModernMix makes it easy to run those full-screen apps in Windows on the desktop, it's time to take another look at some great, unique Windows 8 apps that you should try.

1. Angry Birds Star Wars ($4.99)

Angry birds star wars Free download
 Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star WarsTM universe! Use the Force, wield your Lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy?

 Download Angry Bids Star wars

2. Twitter

 You can get real-time stories, pictures, videos and conversations all in your timeline with fast and fluid technology of Windows 8. Twitter for Windows 8 brings you the best ever Twitter experience in your Windows 8 devices. The company said the app features two Windows charms for searching and making posts on Twitter. The search feature is similar to existing Twitter apps, allowing users to find specific accounts or filter by hashtags, while the other allows them to make posts using photos or text from a separate app. 

Download Twitter Windows 8 App 

3. Skype

Skype for Windows 8 brings the service's excellent video chat service to the Modern UI.
There are plenty of things to love about Skype for Windows 8, as it brings a full Skype experience to Windows 8.
You can perform audio and video calls, text, and instant message your friends.

In New Skype, the Full screen video calls and the metro style User interface and the notifications in desktop mode with touch gestures are great.

Download Skype for Windows 8

4. Fhotoroom (Free)

Fhotoroom is the best free photo editing app currently available in windows 8 store. Fhotoroom Package has 76 powerful image editing, photo styles, light leaks, and frames. It allows you create stunning photos on your Windows 8. This has also one more feature,  editing Brush which brings out the best in your photos you with each mouse or finger stroke to adjust the saturation, exposure and softness.

Download Fhotoroom

5.  Netflix (Free)


Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies.
If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix and start enjoying immediately with our one-month free trial.
Start watching on one device, and resume watching on another. Check out netflix.com for all the TVs, game consoles, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you can watch Netflix.

Download Netflix

6. Kindle (Free)

 Read anytime you have your Windows 8 device with you—just download the Kindle for Windows 8 app to start reading now. This  Whispersync technology automatically syncs your books across apps, so you can start reading on one device with the Kindle app installed, and pick up where you left off on another device with the Kindle app installed.

Download Amazon Kindle

7. Hulu Plus (Free)

 Hulu plus is free  Popular TV Show and Movie  streaming app for Windows 8. Hulu Plus offers unlimited movies and hit shows in windows 8 well designed Tile interface. In Windows 8, You can View the movies  in full-screen or snap to the side and watch while you work. You can pin your favorite shows for instant access from the Start screen. In addition search the millions of movies and TV shows in Windows 8 charm bar. This app offers all thing you ever wanted in movies streaming app such as recommendations, Currently trending shows and the popular genres.

Download Hulu Plus

8. EveryDay Food


Never wonder what to cook again with the Everyday Food app. You’ll always find the right recipe for any meal and every occasion. With straightforward steps and accessible ingredients, Everyday Food recipes are simple to prepare and always satisfy.

Download Every day Food

9. One Note


Take notes that save to the cloud so you have them when you need them.
Fast and immersive, OneNote has been reimagined for Windows 8. Whether you draw, type, click, or swipe, this app will shine on your Windows 8 device. On the go? Use a browser or one of the many OneNote mobile apps to get to your notes when you need them..

Download One Note

10. Fruit Ninja ($1.99)

 Slice across the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bombs – they are explosive to touch and will put a swift end to your juicy adventure! Fruit Ninja features Classic, Zen and the amazing Arcade mode! Your success will also please the wise ninja Sensei, who will accompany your journey with wise words and fun fruit facts.

Download Fruit Ninja


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